This web site is to share my Cooper family history with anyone who has an interest. A secondary purpose was the hope the many Cooper cousins upon browsing this site might contribute new information to the cause. And finally, one of my intentions was to set the record straight as some of my ancestors, notably the early Coopers of Natchez, MS, have been falsely claimed by others to have been ancestors of another Cooper line. This web site sets the record straight.

Our earliest identified Cooper ancestor, Henry Couper, of North Carolina, circa 1750, has many hundreds of descendants in the USA, a result of the huge families of my Cooper ancestors. Just my Cooper great-grandfather (John Griffin Cooper) and his two brothers (Joel and Lawrence, Jr.), by themselves, sired a grand total of 40 children in Louisiana and Mississippi during a 20 year span preceding World War I. One of the 42 children, my grandfather, Lawrence S. Cooper, produced five children who in turn sired 11 of his grandchildren. Assuming each of the 41 first cousins of Lawrence S. Cooper fathered an average of 11 grand children yields a total of 440 second cousins. Hence, from only this one Cooper branch, my second cousins count living might possibly number in the neighborhood of 500. Although my Cooper family hub has been centered in Mississippi and Louisiana for 175 years, my cousins have relocated to many other regions of the USA. In the late 1990’s a first cousin on my Cooper side, Gary Daurelio, a deputy sheriff in Olympia, WA encountered an FBI agent, Doug Cooper, working on the same arson investigation. Although Gary had not realized it at the time, he and Doug were cousins proving it is, indeed, a small world. Hopefully, this website can bring our huge extended Cooper family closer together.

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